Book Fetish: Volume 189

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Daily Prophet Leggings: Why yes I do want Harry Potter leggings that are headlines from the Daily Prophet. Obviously. H/T to the Comics Fetish crew over at our sister site, Panels for this find.

Daily Prophet leggings

If I Can’t Take My Book Sweatshirt: Me, basically all the time. I know I’m not the only one that takes a giant hardcover with me to buy a new purse to make sure it fits.

if I can't take my book sweatshirt

Go Faulkner Yourself Mug: I mean, have you read that shit? Will isn’t messing around.

go faulkner yourself mug

Big Mouth Bookmark: Stick out your tongue to those people who read over your shoulder…or your book’s tongue.


Cheshire Cat T-Shirt: Sometimes it’s more true than we want to admit.

we're all mad here shirt

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