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Book Fetish: Volume 479

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

12 Beautiful & Sturdy Cookbook Bookends

Find the best cookbook bookends with these super sturdy, guaranteed-to-function-properly, heavyweight bookends that are up for the challenge.

Bookish Ornaments For the Holidays

Mix your love for books and your holiday spirit by adding these fun bookish ornaments from Etsy to your tree decorations.

Stir It Up with Gifts for Cookbook Lovers

These gifts for cookbook lovers are fun, clever, and forever come out at the perfect temperature.

12 Lord of the Rings Bookends for Tolkien Fans

From quotes, to depictions of specific scenes, to slightly more subtle pieces, find the best Lord of the Rings bookends here!

Book Fetish: Volume 478

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Flecks of Fun: Gorgeous Terrazzo Bookends

These terrific terrazzo bookends will both keep your books in place and become beloved artwork in your home.

Bookish Halloween Eye Candy to Treat Your Home (and Yourself) To

There’s no reason the kiddies should be the only ones who get treats. Here's a list of Halloween decor inspired by classic tales of terror.

Fall Bookmarks For Reading Season

What better way to keep track of your autumn reading than with these gorgeous fall bookmarks?

Cats, Candy Corn, and Coloring…Oh My!: Halloween Coloring Sheets for Kids and Adults

Grab the candy corn and crayons! Don your favorite witch’s hat and get to coloring with these Halloween coloring pages for kids and adults.