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Book Fetish: Volume 417

Bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Bookish Washi Tape For Your Bullet Journal + Beyond

Add some gorgeous and fun bookish washi tape to your letters, to your notebooks, and, of course, to your bullet journal.

Portable Book Stands: 25 Bookish Holders for Every Reader

Whether you rely on physical books, or use your ereader for everything, these portable book stands will suit your needs!

Bookish Stamps From the USPS

Help save the USPS and up your book nerdery with these bookish postage stamps you can buy right now.

Book Fetish: Volume 416

Bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

15 Wooden Book Stands That’ll Improve Your Reading Life

Be it your love for a book prop or for accessibility reasons, you're going to love all of these wooden book stands.

Have Some Peter Rabbit Decor to Celebrate Beatrix Potter’s Birthday

It's Beatrix Potter's birthday! Celebrate and decorate with some lovely, whimsical Peter Rabbit decor, jewelry, prints, and more.

Book Fetish: Volume 415

Bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Bookish Notecards, Sticky Notes, and Other Paper Goods

The perfect bookish notecards, sticky notes, postcards, and other great paper products for your desk.

More Bookish and Literary Masks for Your Pandemic Life

If I'm wearing it, it's fashion, right? As the pandemic rages on, you need more masks, so why not show your bookish side with some literary masks?