Hey YA

From great new books to favorite classic reads, from news to the latest in on-screen adaptations, the Hey YA podcast is here to elevate the exciting world of young adult lit.

Hey YA Extra Credit: Graphic Nonfiction

This week Erica discusses some YA graphic nonfiction books that are helping her reach her reading goals.

Beware the Ides of March

Tirzah and Erica discuss some YA Shakespeare retellings.

Hey YA Extra Credit: What Real Teens Are Reading

This week, Tirzah discusses some of the YA books that are most popular with the teens she works with!

Getting All Up in Our Little Women Feelings

Tirzah and Erica discuss some YA historical fiction with strong female leads.

Hey YA Extra Credit: People Be People-ing — New Releases by Black Authors to TBR

Erica discusses some new YA books of different genres by Black authors to have on your radar for the first part of the year.

Love is for Losers: Diverse Romance That We Love

Tirzah and Erica discuss some diverse YA romance books to read for the month of love and beyond.

Hey YA Extra Credit: The ALA Youth Media Awards!

It's the most wonderful time of the year—the ALA Youth Media Awards have been announced! This week, Tirzah takes us through the YA highlights.

Queer Friendships in YA

Erica and Tirzah talk about YA books with great examples of queer friendship.

Hey YA Extra Credit: Dastardly Dystopias

Erica talks about a couple YA dystopian novels she's been into lately.

Fantasy Feels

Tirzah and Erica get all in their fantasy feels and share their favorite YA fantasy.