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Hey YA

  • Episode 5

    Sad Man Books

    Eric and Kelly discuss YA books with older protagonists, dig into the first of this year’s “Best Of” lists, and ...

  • Episode 4

    Oh, The Youths!

    Eric and Kelly talk about Malinda Lo’s annual LGBTQ YA data count, dig into the problem of the media’s take ...

  • Episode 3

    Is The Alien Rich?

    Eric and Kelly share their tips and tricks for talking about YA with YA skeptics, talk about good and not-so-good ...

  • Episode 2

    Whatever Happened To Tookie De La Creme?

    Eric and Kelly discuss YA authors who’ve successfully jumped genres, celebrity YA books, and dramatically read from Tyra Banks’s unfinished ...

  • Episode 1

    Jeans Are Self-Cleaning

    Eric and Kelly talk about what makes a book a “YA” book, what they do and don’t want to see ...

  • Episode 0

    I Like Books That Do Weird Things

    Eric and Kelly talk about their first YA reading experiences and what adult authors they'd love to see pen a YA novel in this teaser episode of Hey YA.