Hey YA

From great new books to favorite classic reads, from news to the latest in on-screen adaptations, the Hey YA podcast is here to elevate the exciting world of young adult lit.

Reproductive Freedom is a YA Issue

This week, Tirzah recommends three YA novels about reproductive freedom.

Free Books For All!

This week, Erica and Tirzah discuss some great resources for free YA books for teens this summer!

It’s Giving Zendaya As Joan of Arc: Retellings for Hey YA Extra Credit

Erica discusses a couple new YA books that retell familiar stories in new and interesting ways.

Let’s Talk About Asexuality in YA!

Tirzah and Erica celebrate Pride Month by discussing some great YA books that center asexual people and characters.

Happy Pride, YA Readers!

“You Can Learn a Lot About History By Figuring Out What People Wanted to Hide”: Excellent YA Graphic Memoirs

Erica and Tirzah talk about graphic memoirs for YA readers and how this comics format makes for some great nonfiction storytelling!

Extra Credit: Manga and Anime

This week, Erica discusses some anime and manga she's been enjoying.

Book Club Discussion: Queen of the Tiles

Join Tirzah and Erica as they discuss YA news and Queen of the Tiles in a special book club episode.

Prom Night Shenanigans: Hey YA Extra Credit

This week, Tirzah recommends two YA books with some prom night shenanigans!

From TikTok Aesthetic to BookTok Craze: All Things Dark Academia!

Erica and Tirzah talk about the rise of dark academia in YA, what it is, and recommend some great dark academia reads across genres!