Hey YA

From great new books to favorite classic reads, from news to the latest in on-screen adaptations, the Hey YA podcast is here to elevate the exciting world of young adult lit.

Episode 85Coming Soon: Smizecream

Hannah and Kelly talk about YA books set in super short time frames, as well as YA books about the end of the world.

Episode 84.5Extra Credit: Food and Wine, Chips and Cheese, Picture Books and YA

Hannah pairs recent picturebooks with some great YA titles, both recent and backlist.

Episode 84You Wear a Belt for That?

Hannah and Kelly talk about YA books that have been reissued, modernized, or turned into graphic novels and highlight great writing guides by YA authors.

Episode 83.5Extra Credit: Fat Girls in YA

Kelly and guest Crystal Maldonado talk about the 2007 YA book My Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught and how FAT isn't a bad word.

Episode 83The R Word and the X Word and YA in Translation

Kelly and Hannah take a deep dive into YA nonfiction and YA books in translation, two categories deserving of more love and attention.

Episode 82.5Extra Credit: Backlist Gems from YA Award Winners

Kelly highlights five excellent award-winning YA authors and the backlist titles of theirs you shouldn't miss.

Episode 82The Holiday All-Request Recommendation Show

Kelly and Hannah answer listener requests for book recommendations.

Episode 81.5Extra Credit: Fascism! That’s Cheery!

In her first solo episode, Hannah tries not to get too mired in despair and instead focuses on the lessons she learned from Mark Bray on antifascism.

Episode 81Oops/You’re Welcome

Hannah and Kelly record a podcast during the longest week ever and talk about under the radar 2020 reads and books they plan to read before the year ends.

Episode 80.5Extra Credit: Becoming a Teacher and YA Reader with Tim Milner

Hannah and special guest Tim Milner reminisce about high school together and talk becoming YA readers a little late in life and becoming teachers after brief forays into other careers.

Episode 80What Even Is An Oak Tree?

Kelly and Hannah take a look at the settings present and absent in YA books and what they wish they saw more commonly, then highlight YA set in the rural US and across the globe.

Episode 79.5Extra Credit: Ghost Stories

Kelly dives into the wide world of YA ghost stories.

Episode 79Get In Loser. We’re Going Podcasting.

Kelly and new Hey YA host Hannah talk about girls in sports and dig into great stand-alone YA science fiction and fantasy books.

Episode 78.5Extra Credit: Book Clubbing SLOPPY FIRSTS with Kristina Forest

Kelly and YA author Kristina Forest talk about Megan McCafferty's Sloppy Firsts, digging into suburban angst, finding yourself, and Marcus Flutie.

Episode 78I Put a Spell on You

Vanessa and Liberty are sitting in this week, talking about recent YA releases and which witchy YA reads they love, witch, er, which makes for a spellbinding new episode!