Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

Episode 425A Picnic Basket for the Mind

Jeff and Rebecca talk about Simon & Schuster pulling Josh Hawley's book, Powell's getting heat for carrying a title, discuss how to structure their spring 2020 preview, and much more.

Episode 424There’s a Caboose Coming

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the best-selling books of 2020, Eat a Peach follow-up, how the publishing industry fared last year, and much more.

Episode 423Best of the Rest: Our Favorite Non-Book Things of 2020

Jeff and Rebecca share their favorite things from 2020 that were not books.

Episode 422Our Favorite Reads of 2020

Jeff and Rebecca recount their favorite reads of 2020.

Episode 421Serrated Crescendo

Jeff and Rebecca talk about PRH buying Simon & Schuster, survey best books of the year lists, and much more.

Episode 4202020 Holiday Recommendations, Part 2

Jeff and Rebecca their 2020 Holiday book recommendations.

Episode 4192020 Holiday Recommendations, Part 1

Jeff and Rebecca give book recommendations in response to reader requests.

Episode 418Null Hypothesis Feedback

Jeff and Rebecca go over some A Promised Land sales numbers, look over the National Book Award winners, check in with the sale of Simon & Schuster, and much more.

Episode 417THE WEST WING, Reconsidered

Jeff, Amanda, and Rebecca return to The West Wing. At least for the pilot.

Episode 416Spiritual Cheese

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the lead up to A Promised Land, authors you know by just their first names, a very real literary puzzle, and much more.

Episode 415Buy, Sell, Hold: 2020’s Notable Books

Jeff and Rebecca play a round of Buy/Sell/Hold with some of 2020's most notable books.

Episode 414One Hour of Podcasting

Jeff and Rebecca try to remain focused while doing a bunch of listener follow-up, wonder about HMH's trade business being for sale, admire PW's Best Books of 2020 list (mostly), and preview upcoming topics.

Episode 413Adaptation Wish List

Jeff and Rebecca list their most-wished for bookish adaptations.

Episode 412You Need Three for a Parade

Jeff and Rebecca talk about a call for help and a weird stock purchase at The Strand, more encouraging hires in publishing, an ugly fight at B&N goes away, and how much we really don't like Audible-only things.

Episode 411JACK by Marilynne Robinson

Jeff and Rebecca discuss JACK by Marilynne Robinson.