Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

Mental Cellophane

Jeff and Rebecca talk about "the book of the year," Barnes & Noble and TikTok collaborating, follow up on book censorship stories, and more.

A Feather in the Trap

Jenn Northington joins Jeff to talk about a sweeping New York Times piece on diversity in publishing, the most popular GoodReads books of the moment, and how much Americans do and do not read books.

The Implied Headline

Rebecca is joined by Book Riot's managing editor, Vanessa Diaz, while Jeff is on vacation. They discuss the relaunch of MTV Books, James Patterson's hot take on racism, and more.

Two Questions and a Comment

I’ve Got No Animal Paraphernalia

Jeff and Rebecca discuss the results of their summer preview draft, go through a bunch of listener feedback, talk about a cookbook being adapted for the screen, a huge study of bookselling patterns on Amazon, and more.

Playing by the Ruled

Jeff and Rebecca talk about book sales, Amazon's new book club, the bookstore of the year, recent reading, and more.

Foley Artist on Mars

Jeff and Rebecca talk about a striking attempt to sue Barnes & Noble for obscenity and pornography, admit we were wrong but for dumb reasons, talk about a hero of the week, and more.

Manga Eyes of Desire

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the 2022 Pulitzer Prizes, the reMarkable 2....tablet?, recent reading, and more

Exaggerate, Enhance, Create, and Reify

Jeff and Rebecca take listener feedback, spend a few moments talking about Julia on HBO, look at real, honest-to-goodness BookTok numbers, and talk with Florence Williams about her book, Heartbreak.

2022 Moms, Dad, and Grads Recommendation Show

Jeff and Rebecca turn with their annual spring recommendation show.