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Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what's new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot.

Episode 462Spat Into the World

Jeff and Jenn talk interesting science fiction and fantasy releases, some of the best books of 2021, upcoming science-fiction and fantasy adaptations, and more. Then Jeff and Rebecca are joined by Cree Myles to talk about her project All Ways Black.

Episode 461Special Episode: 2021 Fall Preview Draft

As announced, we are trying something different for bonus content: a special, ad-free, pay-what-you-will 2021 Fall Preview Draft.

Episode 460The Hamster Will Be Our Guinea Pig

Jeff and Rebecca talk about their plans and strategy for the Fall Preview Draft, a bookstore getting an imprint, PRH jacking up the price of Amanda Gorman's book, what a wonderful era of Black literature it is, and much more.

Episode 459Indiscriminate Scamming

Jenn Northington joins Rebecca to talk about the Hachette/Workman acquisition, the state of book tours, a truly mistifying publishing scam, and more.

Episode 458G-Level Property

Sharifah Williams joins Jeff to talk SF/F adaptations, how the adaptation boom may (or may not?) be affecting what is getting written, wild problems with GoodReads, and more.

Episode 457The Donkey Parade

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the coming end of big-time adaptations, the future of food memoirs, the dearth of popular on-going book series, and more.

Episode 456Spicy Fun Spice

Jeff and Rebecca talk about pandemic reading habits, book sales, what it means to be a relevant author, and much more.

Episode 455The Canonical Dorito

Jeff and Rebecca build off listener feedback to spend more time talking about TikTok and books, how local libraries can be eaten away from the inside, have their minds boggled about a 300-year overdue library book, and more.

Episode 454Infinite Monkeys

Jeff and Rebecca parse listener feedback on what makes historical fiction, explicate the bestselling books of the year so far, and more.

Episode 453Convince Me I’m Right

Jeff and Rebecca talk about recent reading, proceed to debate what constitutes historical fiction, wish for the failure of the efforts of some politicians, anticipate Janelle Monae's short story collection, and much more.