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29 Cozy Book Blankets to Gift This Holiday

Whether it’s a banned book duvet cover or a book page throw, a book blanket is the perfect warm and fuzzy—but also extremely smart—gift.

Nancy Drew Wasn’t the Only Girl Detective: Learn About 8 Other Classic Teen Sleuths

You've read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but have you read these other books like Nancy Drew? Meet 8 classic teen sleuths.

The Gutenberg Bible and How to See it Online

If you're curious about the the first book to be printed using moveable type, learn more about the Gutenberg Bible and how to see it here.

Gifts For Readers 2020: Excellent Bookish Ideas For Under $30

These are the best gifts for readers 2020, all of which ring in for under $30.

A 2020 Literary Advent Calendar

Get your daily dose of bookish delight this holiday season with Book Riot's 2020 Literary Advent Calendar.

December 2020 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

What to read, what to read? Consult the stars with Book Riot's December 2020 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations.

Book Gift Basket Ideas for the Holiday Season and Beyond

How to make a book gift basket, what to include, how to decorate, and more. Don't want to assemble? We also share some great baskets to buy!

Mood Is The Most Underrated Literary Device — And The Most Valuable

Mood is the most powerful -- and most misunderstood -- literary device available to readers. Get your mood on and elevate your reading life.

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