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How Much Do Most Anticipated and Best-Of Lists Overlap?

Are most anticipated and best-of booklists the same? Which voices make the cut for either? One writer does a deep dive.

Why Difficult Books Matter: How One Line from a Book I Read as a Child Helped Me Heal

One writer recounts how a book she read as a child— that would be deemed inappropriate by book banners today— helped her heal from trauma.

The Best Books You’ve Never Heard of (Spring 2022)

There are so many undiscovered gems hidden away on bookshelves. Here are some of our favorite books that you've probably never heard of.

Unalive, Le$bean, and More: It’s Not Newspeak, It’s Algospeak

Algospeak is the new language that's developing on social media to skirt around censorship, and it has a striking similarity to 1984's Newspeak.

Quiz: How Many of These Opening Lines From YA Books Can You Identify?

How well do you know the opening lines from YA books of the last decade? Take this quiz to test your YA knowledge!

Drive My Car: 20 Must-Read Road Trip Books

Road trip books provide the perfect backdrop for character development, unexpected adventures, and scenic settings. Here are some of the best, including All My Mother’s Lovers by Ilana Masad.

That Time Isabel Allende Got Fired for (Re)Writing Feminist Characters

Let me tell you about the time Allende was fired for rewriting the characters and endings of the stories she translated —without approval.

Books to Read for Jewish American Heritage Month

The books showcase Jewish Americans, highlight our diversity, explore aspects of our culture, and are snapshots of Jewish life in America, including People Love Dead Jews: Reports From a Haunted Present by Dara Horn.

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