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Books on Parenting and Pregnancy for the First-Time Parent

Need a starting place? So did this overwhelmed newbie. Find books on parenting and pregnancy curated by one first-time parent for another.

10 TikTok Book Reviewers You Should Be Following

Finding a recommendation for your next favorite read is just a scroll away when you follow the best TikTok book reviewers.

Book Banning County Commissioners Censor Honor for Girl Scout’s Banned Book Library

This case study in Hanover County, Virginia, is a reminder that book banners don't stop at the schools...or public libraries.

Empowering LGBTQ+ Self-Improvement and Wellness Books

We're here! We're queer! And we need some goddamn self-care! Find the inspiration you need in these LGBTQ+ self-improvement books.

24 of the Best 2024 Book Covers So Far

Because so many book covers look exactly the same, those that don't truly stand out.

10 of the Slowest Slow-Burn Romances Ever Written

If waiting hundreds of agonizing pages for the characters to kiss sounds like a good time, pick up these slowest slow-burn romances.

A Dystopian Read Where Witches Are Real and the Government Monitors Women

Megan Giddings' dystopian novel offers biting commentary for our times, set in a world where witches exist and the government monitors women.

The Best DnD DM Screens for Your Next Campaign

From tablet stands with storage to fully personalized and 3D printed scapes, find the best DnD DM screens for your next campaign here!

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