All The Books

Episode 217 This week, Liberty and María Cristina discuss The Nickel Boys, Turbulence, Body Leaping Backward, and more great books.


Episode 27 Sometimes people refer to a book they really liked as "life-changing." But what if you read a book, and it really did change your life in a big way? In this episode, stories of people reading books and making a big change.

For Real

Episode 35 This week Alice and Kim talk assassins, night witches, and the serial killer who was almost impossible to catch.

Get Booked

Amanda and Jenn discuss distracting reads, international parenting advice, Austen read-alikes, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked.

Hey YA

Episode 47.5 Kelly and special guest Tom Ryan talk about Norma Klein’s Breaking Up, progressive representation of queer couples, toxic adults, and ...

Kidlit These Days

Episode 9 Karina and Matthew talk about the trailblazers in children's literature, including recognizing some of the first authors of color and indigenous authors to have their books traditionally published.

Read or Dead

Episode 56 Katie and Rincey talk about controversy around the Staunch Prize, James Patterson's book about Jeffrey Epstein and pick up some 2019 release that they haven't gotten to yet.

SFF Yeah!

Episode 58 Sharifah and Jenn discuss Sandman and Harry Potter TV show announcements, Locus Award winners, fiction podcasts and more.

The Podcast

Episode 321 Jeff and Rebecca talk about the best-selling books of the year, follow up about THE STARLESS SEA, go over the ethics of ARCs, and much more.

When In Romance

Episode 38 Jess and Trisha are joined by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for a mid-year check in, and they discuss all things romance in 2019 so far – big news, breakout authors, and books we’ve loved and want everyone to read.


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