Critical Linking: October 8th, 2014


After the jump, find out which books your favorite cultural icons, from Bill Murray to Joan Didion to Nas, love best — and get to padding that reading list.

Since reading is largely a private act, it’s hard to remember that there are way more book-lovers out there than it seems. This list of super-famous people and their favorite books is just a reminder of that.


The “Avengers” and “Lucy” actress will star in a limited series for Sony Pictures TV based on the 1913 Edith Wharton novel “The Custom of the Country,” sources confirm. Johansson will also executive produce the eight-episode series, which is about to hit the market, from Charles Finch’s Pink Sands.

Whenever I see a big time actor/actress take on a  project like this, I think of that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant convinces Julia Roberts to do a Henry James adaptation.


Two novels have sold to U.S. editors, for a rumored seven figures each, just before the Frankfurt Book Fair, which kicks off on Wednesday. The first novel, The Girls, seems primed to become one of the most talked-about projects at the fair; it was nabbed in a 12-publisher auction, and has already been acquired for film. The second book, The Longings of Jende Jonga, is by a 33-year-old Cameroon-born newcomer.

Well, not sure if big dollar book deals are a great indication, but there is money being thrown around in the publishing world still.


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