Critical Linking: July 16, 2012

But just describing the logistics of the space isn’t really all that helpful, because it doesn’t convey the hot, sweaty, frustrating, terrific experience of the whole thing. It’s a constant assault on the majority of your senses, with lights flashing and the smells of rotten hot dogs and the sounds of throbbing music and constant conversation and the feel of all those people jostling up against you.

And I thought Book Expo was sensory overload.


Every few seconds a sheet of water blasts forth from the book’s spine, arcing from one side to the other and creating the illusion that an invisible force is turning the pages of this marble tome.

The book is dead, long live the book.


And before we scornfully dismiss the Internet café as the opposite of a library, let us remember that cafés themselves have had a long and glorious history as places of serious public discussion…

A public institution transforming to meet the public’s needs isn’t a loss. It’s democracy in action.


Without much left to say about the break-out hit, the Canvas imageboard has turned its cover into a meme. 

Can’t believe it took this long. But I like it, so I’mma let it finish.

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