The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 22-27, 2011

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From Breaking Down the (Fan)Base by Jeff O’Neal


“In my neighborhood, it’s common to overhear lit-names in the playgrounds and cafes, everything from Atreyu to Zelda. But it’s usually the less obvious names that make me shake my head. Certain troubled or downright nasty fictional characters made such a strong impression that even in an everyday context, their names carry a certain tang.”

From Literary Names I Would Never Give My Children by Jennifer Paull


“I have a problem, okay?!? DON’T JUDGE ME. I always say the book I want to read the most is the one I don’t have – I am always thinking about my next fix.”

From The Well-Readheads: On Book Borrowing by Liberty Hardy and Rebecca Joines Schinsky


“There were a few other non-traditional touches, like the fact that John was introduced by a sock-puppet named, appropriately, Hank’s Sock. There was also a question session with both brothers that ended in John’s getting shocked because he was the one talking when time was up. The “500 Miles” sing-along was their encore.”

From John Green’s Traveling Book Show by Cassandra Neace


“I’m not saying we should force any sort of book on anyone. I read 60 percent contemporary literature last year, so please don’t take this as an indictment of the modern novel. I am saying we shouldn’t make assumptions about what the modern reader wants or is capable of. People are smart enough to handle A Tale of Two Cities- if they don’t want to, that’s great, but let’s give both the classics and the modern reader the credit they’re due.”

From Riot Response: In Defense of the Classics by Amanda Nelson

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