Fall into Fall Readathon Day Three: Set Up Your Fall Reading Space

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Our Fall into Fall Readathon is here to help readers change gears from summer reading (outside! so many thrillers!) to cozy fall reading (inside! where’s my blanket! time to read Dickens I guess!)—welcome to Day Three! If you’re just joining us, get all the posts, giveaways, and tasks here.

Every day this week we’ll have one bookish task (and optional bonus tasks) designed to help you fall into fall reading, along with a giveaway, and a few posts to help you with the task. And for Day Three, our task is to set up your fall reading space and start a book from your fall TBR in it.

Your fall reading space might be the same location on the couch as your summer reading space, but the accoutrement is probably a little different. You’ll need a cozier blanket, for one thing. Maybe even a weighted one (I love this one) if you’re prone to anxiety. Try a new light—I just use the same one I use for crafting.

Bonus task: consider the outdoors. Set up a hammock and fill it with blankets and weather-proof outdoor pillows. Wrap yourself in a Snuggie and read on your porch with a cup of coffee. The mosquitoes are all dying, now is your chance!

And now, posts to help you with today’s tasks: tips for maximum fall reading coziness, excellent bookish items for autumn, and of course, a giveaway of the MOST AMAZING CACOON CHAIR.

That’s it for Day Three! Jot down the task in your Bullet Journal/OmniFocus/Todoist/task management system of choice, and get on it. There’s no sign up sheet, and no one here is checking up on you (as you are a grown adult person). Come back tomorrow for your next task, tips, and giveaway!