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Jessica Plummer

Jessica Plummer has lived her whole life in New York City, but she prefers to think of it as Metropolis. Her day job is in books, her side hustle is in books, and she writes books on the side (including a short story in Sword Stone Table from Vintage). She loves running, knitting, and thinking about superheroes, and knows an unnecessary amount of things about Donald Duck. Follow her on Twitter at @jess_plummer.

Cowabunga! A Look Back at 40 Years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turn 40. A look back at their beginnings and evolution in pop culture.

24 Trailblazing Women in Comics for Women’s History Month 2024

These 24 women have left–and continue to leave—indelible marks on the comics industry. Any you'd add to the list?

Jack Kirby’s Most Inexplicable Creation Is Now a Drag Queen in Smallville, and That’s Beautiful

More than 50 years later, no one really knows what Jack Kirby was thinking when he created Goody Rickels.

Celebrating DC Comics’s Class of 1994, 30 Years Later

This January, as we’re ringing in the 30th anniversary of these heroes, I thought I’d do a rundown of DC’s class of ‘94.

New Year’s Resolutions for Superheroes

Peter Parker: Listen, I know you’re not going to go to therapy, and you know you’re not going to go to therapy, but I have to suggest it.

Give Peace(ful Superheroes) a Chance: Pacifism in Superhero Comics

Superhero comics are typically slugfests, but we do have some examples of superhero pacifists. As for how well these stories are told, well...

That Time Green Lantern Fought a Little Girl Who Was Also Richard Nixon

Superheroes are timeless, but superhero comics are ephemeral, capturing the mood and politics of a particular moment in time.

Marvel, DC, and…the Rutland, Vermont Halloween Parade?

There are very few places you’re likely to see your favorite cross-company superheroes interacting, and one of those is Rutland, Vermont.

Queer Superhero History: Starman and DC’s First Gay Kiss

Starman isn’t exactly a household name, but he is notable for sharing the first on-panel gay kiss in the mainstream DC universe.

7 of the Best Witches in Comics

It's the season of the witch! Let's celebrate with seven of the best witch characters in the long history of comics.