Homes That Inspired Literary Classics: Critical Linking, October 1, 2017

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The floor-to-ceiling windows of this stately apartment overlook the Place de Bastille in and around which Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables unfolded. It’s here, inside a gigantic plaster elephant that once dominated the round ‘square’, that the urchin Gavroche hid from the violence around the barricades. The two-bedroom flat, next to the Opera Bastille, has parquet flooring, a stone fireplace and original partitioning beams, and comes with a cellar. It’s only 11 metres from the Metro and and a walk to the city centre. Yours for €1.095m(£959,600).

I wouldn’t mind living in any of these homes that inspired literary classics


The foundations of former first ladies Laura and Barbara Bush have pledged a combined $2 million to help support education in schools and public libraries after Hurricane Harvey.



In recent weeks, white supremacists have marched in the streets with tiki torches and rebel flags, wearing red Make America Great Again hats, protecting Confederate statues and monuments from removal. The President of the United States didn’t outright condemn these hate groups, but rather played footsy with Neo-Nazis, the KKK and all iterations of white supremacist terrorism. Many are hollering that thisAmerica isn’t their America. But for many of us, this racism has always been part of the great American way. There is no America without it; this country was literally built upon it.

And now America’s hood has come off for a few.

But Young Adult books are holding a mirror up to the racism in American society, exposing its ugly underbelly, and telling hard truths to arm the next generation with the tools they need to face it.

Add these 10 must-read books to your list, and make sure every teen in your life reads them.

This is an excellent list and I plan on picking up the titles I haven’t read yet ASAP.



Because they’ve got this whole life thing figured out—while we toil away working and Tweeting and cooking and worrying—cats just nap until it’s time to eat, and eat until it’s time to nap. And the smartest cats of all have found homes at breweries and distilleries. Award-winning drinks writer Brad Thomas Parsons put together a collection of the country’s most distinguished cats in a hilariously illustrated book, Distillery Cats, that belongs on your shelf next to the Modernist Cuisine box set. Hey—please don’t doxx these cats to the nearest health inspector. Let them thrive in their adopted environs, where the meaning of happiness is napping on a barrel of aging whiskey. They’d do the same for you.

Let’s meet some of these distillery cats.

For those who fall into the center of the Venn Diagram of Beer, Cat, and Book Lover. These are awesome


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