Critical Linking for August 4th, 2015


Hang on for dear life—these books will keep you guessing—and gasping—until the last page.

We in the height of beach and vacation season, so I pass along this list of 12 Page-Turners Too Addictive to Put Down in the hopes you have a chance to read somewhere to your heart’s delight.


Trade paperback is by far the biggest growth area for Paradies and represents over 50% of its sales, notes Trotter, who attributes its strong performance to movie tie-ins. Hudson reports a similar breakdown in sales at its stores: 55% trade paper, 25% hardcover, and 20% mass market. “We seem to have strength in the long tail across categories and binding types all year long, which is one reason why it is so important to have bookstores in airports, ” Hinckley said.

Speaking of travel, I would have thought that digital reading would perhaps have hit airport bookstores even harder than other physical bookstores. Apparently, this isn’t the case. 


The dedicated mobile-first website,, will give London Underground passengers free access to extracts of new books, ideas and author interviews this summer  from today (3rd August) until 28th August.

I like all of these free excerpt programs, and the only thing I would like more is data about how many of these samples lead to purchases.


Folks who read at least 30 minutes a week are 20 percent more likely to report greater life satisfaction and 11 percent more likely to feel creative. They’re also 28 percent less likely to suffer from depression and 18 percent more likely to report high self-esteem.

Hmmmm. I WANT to think that reading causes these effects, but it is also possible, if not probable, that reading is correlated with life satisfaction, creativity, and the like rather than causing it. Still, interesting stats.

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