The Week’s Most Popular Posts: June 22 – 26, 2015

Let’s look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

I guess I was expecting a kind of Nova Corps or Green Lantern Corps vibe to the book, what I got once one of the greatest cop movies since Hot Fuzz. Aaron pulls together all the tropes of the cop genre and gives them a wonderfully Asgardian twist. Like Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, there a a lot of love for the source material(s) and a wink of self awareness. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you like Thor and/or cop movies.

Here’s the breakdown of tropes Thors riffs on.

from Thors #1 is My Favorite Cop Movie by Ali Colluccio


Despite all the literary awards and accolades that have been bestowed on these gripping narratives describing the human condition, Schultz insists that the stories are “garbage” and should be “eradicated.” Tara Schultz is fortunate to live in a bubble where suffering is not a prominent feature of the human condition, and in a country where her freedom of speech is protected so she has the right to tell other people what they shouldn’t read. She’s also angry that the professor didn’t offer “warnings” as to the nature of the material. I’m guessing she also doesn’t believe in reading the syllabus.

Tara Schultz, her mom and dad, and her family values censorship club have the absolute privilege of pretending that sex, violence, nudity, torture, and swear words do not exist. Alison Bechdel and Marjane Satrapi, sadly, did not have this luxury. Whose story do you want to read?

from I Expected Batman and Robin, Not Pornography by Monica Friedman


But perhaps it’s not the tattoo itself that really matters. The time I’ve spent thinking about how best to honor my loved ones and represent myself—my past, my present, my future—is a kind of tribute in itself. I can take my time and choose—if I ever do—the best symbol to represent all they have meant to me and all I have become.

Maybe waiting is my own statement of Non-Compliance.

from Tattoos and Tributes: Confessions Of A Non-Compliant Ink Virgin by Melody Schreiber


We all love comics; let’s face it, if you don’t love (or at least want to love) comics, you probably wouldn’t be here. But I also love audiobooks; I love being able to listen to books while I’m grocery shopping, sorting laundry, and walking to the metro.GraphicAudio has some great options for comics and comics-type stories (they produce audio dramas for important Marvel storylines), but I have trouble listening to fiction in audio. There’s something about the way I process information that makes me prefer nonfiction in audio, rather than fiction.

If you’re in the mood for a geek audiobook (something that’s not quite comics but is comics-adjacent enough or is about geek culture), check out these 8 nonfiction picks.

from 9 Non-Fiction Audiobooks for Comics Lovers by Swapna Krishna


That first cover offers just a vague hint of the visual brilliance that I found in that issue and each issue since. At first, Ward’s art can look like a mess. Panels are used sparingly or in jarring, off balance arrangements, clean lines are sacrificed in favor of a style where everything threatens to bleed together, and color is everywhere. It’s bold stuff, and a little examination clears up the chaos. It’s not a mess at all, just open and wild and unbelievably deep. The “acid trip” description is easy but apt.

from Amazing Art: How ODY-C Changed The Way I See Comics by Josh Corman


It was easy to point to Miles and talk representation before this; he was the “other” Spider-Man, in an alternate universe. Peter Parker was still the “real” Spider-Man. But now, it’s different. Miles IS Spider-Man. He is THE Spider-Man. Peter Parker will still be around, but in a mentorship capacity. It’s Miles who is Spider-Man now. The only Spider-Man.

from Why I Care That Miles Is THE Spider-Man by Swapna Krishna

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