Critical Linking: June 14, 2014


To make an hour spent with a book into the equivalent of loading the dishwasher is to send the strong, implicit message that reading is a similar task, one that will never be a source of pleasure. You may end up with kids who have logged in lots of hours of reading, but that won’t make readers out of them. There’s a vast difference between dutiful, grudging, joyless reading and the kind of hungry, engaged reading that makes for a good student and a thoughtful citizen. It’s hard to be good at something you don’t enjoy.

Apps that reward reading time with screen time send the message that reading is a chore, rather than a reward in and of itself. Talk about teaching kids early on how to not love reading.


What makes a great feminist text? The right values for sure. But it also needs sufficient wit, wisdom, energy and eloquence to inspire change beyond its time, perhaps beyond the imagination of its author.  My list includes fact and “non-fact” – as I sometimes think of fiction– poetry, original English and translated writing. Two male authors have made the cut, though I could easily have included more.

This is an interesting mix of the top 10 feminist novels as selected by one author.


“Our muse for the New Balance Made in USA collections has always been the storied history of the United States,” said Ben Cuthbert, the associate product manager for New Balance’s lifestyle department. “No one captures the essence, spirit, and the American experience better than American authors and the stories they have told throughout history. For the Made in USA Authors Collections, we pay homage to great American authors by building a collection inspired by their stories and moments.”

So the New Balance author collection of new shoe designs will come out in a tiered fashion at different price points (in “Earth-colored” tones to give a “library-like” look), which just makes me wonder which authors are worth $300 a pair and which are worth a mere $150 a pair.


Kind of neat: the first US Ambassador takes her oath on a Kindle.


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