Critical Linking: February 15, 2014

Cat lovers, brace yourselves. Book Buddies has kids grade 1 to 8 come into the shelter to read to the cats, with organizers saying that it serves a dual purpose of soothing the cats and upping the kids’ reading levels. Plus, you know, it’s cute, so win-win-win.

I was wondering what the most adorable thing in the world was, and now I can stop wondering.


What’s something you don’t miss about more traditional spaces that you’re spared at BiblioTech?

The fact that if someone misplaced a book, it’s potentially lost is a problem that we don’t have. We have 800 ereaders and 20,000 titles available for checkout, and those books aren’t going anywhere. When I’m looking for a book, it’s going to be checked in or checked out, but it’ll be one of those.

Interesting interview with the Head Librarian of the “Bookless” Library.


Would you want to hear a horse’s neigh at the precise point it occurs in your novel or listen to the same song an author turned on when he or she was writing a particular passage?

Booktrack lets readers or authors create a playlist of sound effects or songs to accompany e-books. Those making a playlist can choose from 30,000 songs and noises.

That could really neat, or really irritating.


 I’m annoyed by gossip masquerading as biography, by egomaniacal boasting and name-dropping passing as memoir. It irks me to see characters who are compendiums of clichés. I can’t explain precisely why a sentence like “His eyes were as black as night” should feel like an insult, but it does. It’s almost like being lied to. 

Long live the negative book review!



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