Critical Linking for February 19th, 2013


But an American-Statesman/KVUE News joint review shows that $1.1 million in taxpayer-purchased inventory has been checked out over the past five years but hasn’t been returned.

At some point, not returning stuff to the library is stealing, right?


…it takes no more than 19 clicks to navigate from one page to what it estimates to be the 13,999,999,999,999 other publicly accessible web pages out there.

So does that mean that the internet is just over three times as complicated as Hollywood casting? I would have thought it would rank higher than just 3 Kevin Bacons.


This way, neither the teacher nor the parent is imposing his or her values on anyone else. Keep the books in the school and in the hands of those who wish to read them. At the same time, let’s provide a workable policy for those who prefer an alternative.

Welcome to America, where we can’t even teach you about the horrible shit we did to people without your permission.

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