Our Favorite Comments: January 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the month that was.

“While the idea of print disappearing terrifies me more than I can describe, I agree that ebooks are here to stay. I also believe that the most important thing is that people continue reading and enjoying it, no matter what device or block of paper they choose to do it with.”

by llana on Best of Book Riot: EBooks Are Real Books. Deal With It.


“You have no idea how many copies of books like 50 Shades sold and people did come back to shop the rest of our erotica section. It’s good when the buzz is hot like it is around big name authors like Dan Brown or James Patterson. It’ll always be good for books and bookstores.”

by Katelyn Phillips on Complicated Thoughts About the New Dan Brown Book


“Hobbit To Hell: 1. Tolkien was tried out all his fantasy stories on C.S. Lewis, 2. who was briefly married to author Joy Davidman who wrote, 3. Letter to a Comrade with a foreword by 4. Stephen Vincent Benet, author of 5. The Devil and Daniel Webster, a retelling of 6. the Faust legend which ends in Hell.”

by Raymond on Six Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon


“After a mind-blowing book, my strategy is to read something I fully expect to be terrible! Well, not really terrible, but with lots of fluff and filler — like chick lit. I think it helps me savor the memory of the book I loved just a little bit longer.”

by Rachel Smalter Hall on How to Recover From an AMAZING Book



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