The Week’s Most Popular Posts: December 1-7, 2012

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And let’s be real, people: “best” is just another word for “favorite.”

from Book Riot’s Best Books of 2012


It’s amazing how often you hear some variation of that from a certain type of reader — let’s call them the serial “did not finisher” (DNFer). (Also, it makes me giggle — you want the book to “grab” you? Isn’t that restraining-order-worthy?…)

from Top 10 Best Books Serial Book-Abandoners May Have Missed by Greg Zimmerman



Want to make a reservation? The restaurant is located in the Taiyo Building, 5th floor, 8-8-5 Ginza Chuo Ku Tokyo T 104-0061. The phone number is +81 (03) 3574 6980. Send pictures!

from Cool Bookish Places: Alice in Wonderland-Themed Restaurant by Amanda Nelson


Lena Dunham did not run over your dog with an SUV. She did not kidnap your parents and transport them to a cave in the middle of nowhere to pull out their fingernails.

from Lena Dunham, In Context by Kit Steinkellner


Be snotty. Know more than everyone else at the meeting, and make sure they know that the pick of the book was way beneath your pay grade. Perhaps if you’re snarky enough they’ll understand that you mean business about reading (and most importantly that you are smarter than everyone else).

from 10 Ways to Kill Your Book Club by Wallace Yovetich

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