Our Favorite Comments: July 16-21, 2012

We love our readers, and we love what they have to say just as much. Here are some of our favorite comments from the week that was.

“I would never get my yard mowed if I didn’t bribe myself with a new audiobook to listen to while mowing. Mowing is the MOST BORING CHORE IN THE WORLD. Listening to a story is the only thing that makes it bearable. And I am the kind of person who likes to be told a story.”

by Noelle Kathleen Barrick on Is There a Secret to Enjoying Audiobooks?


“Moby Dick: Confusing techno music perverts on Google search for 12 years.”

by thefranklynn on 15 Rejected Marketing Blurbs from Famous Novels


“I wonder if you can “strip away” the everything else without stripping away the artists too. Alcoholism and writing (or any artistic endeavour) seems to go hand-in-hand for many. Could Fitzgerald have written Gatsby if he and Zelda didn’t party so many nights away? Would he have had the same impact? Would he have written at all, if he wasn’t in some Gatsby-esque way trying to win Zelda in the first place?”

by Graham Strong on Zelda and Scott’s Creative Communion


“I think one of the barriers that stops members of the reading community from getting into comics is a misguided belief that somehow comics are “dumbed down” reading. That’s a real shame, because the writing in comics can actually be pretty sophisticated, and has been for a long time.”

by creativtech on Everything’s Coming Up Comics! by Ali Colluccio


“It would make a great road movie. Christian and Pepe in search of l’amour.”

by Andy Szpuk on Who Said It: Christian Grey or Pepé Le Pew? (The Answers)

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