Critical Linking: June 18th, 2012

We’re better off watching good television together like many did a decade ago, screening early seasons of Sex in the City while eating carryout on their friend’s living room floors. Today, television has never been better and the quality of writing is worlds above the women’s commercial fiction publishing houses are peddling. Who is to say that a book is more thought-provoking than a television show?

Until now, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to hate three sentences in 17 different ways at once. Until now.


The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader.

And only bread and water are necessary to live. “Necessary” isn’t the same as “desirable.”


In one, you make the choice, in the other, the choice is made for you. But both The Walking Dead game and “The Wrysons” attract our deep-down desire to watch choice, and to see where it takes us.”

Watching characters make decisions, and getting a glimpse at their thinking, has been at the core of Western civilization ever since Homer decided to show us Achilles pacing around in his tent in Book IX of The Iliad.


The goal of the initiative is to ensure that all books published by any division of HarperCollins around the world are available in print or digital format in all English-language markets.

Some day, the phrase “out-of-print” will seems as archaic as “color television.”


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