Critical Linking: June 15, 2012

41% of those who have owned an ereader for more than a year say they are reading more.

That’s good, right? Though, if 54% say they are reading less…


One of the major takeaways of our research is that book discovery happens in a multitude of ways, and there is no single magic bullet that will work for every book.

Damn. I really thought we could figure this whole culture thing out.


The question of why E.L. James has reportedly sold some 10 million books in the U.S. alone has been chewed over by many cultural commentators and psychologists.

chewed over“?


They found that she used more Latin-based words to create pompous and arrogant characters, and fewer for her idiots and for people under emotional duress. The narrator, meanwhile, uses the same percentage of Latinate words as Elizabeth Bennet, which makes her seem more sympathetic.

Is there a meaningful difference between pompous and arrogant? Can you be pomppus and not arrogant? This is why I don’t sleep nights.

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