Critical Linking: June 2, 2012

But in a nod to the millions of readers who have abandoned print books for e-books, Ms. Winfrey has updated the club with digital and social-media elements. The e-book versions of the selected book, for instance, will include margin notes from Ms. Winfrey highlighting her favorite passages.

Congratulations, publishing industry. The Oprah Lottery is back!


In one of the truly bizarre incidents we’ve seen out of the e-book publishing world, a translation of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace for Barnes & Noble’s Nook platform has replaced all mentions of the word “kindled” with “Nookd.”

In related news, I just edited a version of Harry Potter where “expelliarmus” is replaced with “Jeff is Awesome!”


With some 300,000 – 350,000 books going up for auction, most, naturally, will be sold as shelf lots. This explains why Mr. McMurtry considers the auction a great opportunity for young booksellers. Asked whether most books are collectible or reading copies, he emphatically states, “most of what we have is collectible.”

Best auction ever: “I’d like to bid on that building of books, please. No, not that one. The other one. No the other other one.”


Full disclosure: after a while, I began to skip. After a while longer, I began to skip a lot.

That’s one problem with book blog reviews, the lack of professionalism. Oh wait, this is from The London Review of Books.

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