Critical Linking: July 10, 2012

4. Ensuring that the enjoyment of literature takes precedence, particularly in the early years, over the learning of the rules of literacy, important though they are.  Children have to be motivated to want to learn to read. Reading must not be taught simply as a school exercise.

I don’t know how you “ensure” enjoyment, but doing your damnedest to make reading fun seems like a good start.


“No, we’re not ordering them,” says Lyn Roberts, general manager of Square Books in Oxford, Miss. “It’s very unfortunate, because there are some books we’d probably carry.” Store owner, Richard Howorth, is much more outspoken on the subject.”

Do what’s best for your customers. Your piddling sales of Amazon titles won’t matter, but always thinking in terms of your customers’ best interest will.


And so, we submitted our choices to the members of the board and waited, with gleeful anticipation, for their announcement on April 16th.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go super-well after this point.


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