Party to Celebrate Bookstore Cat’s Retirement



Always books. Never boring.

Loganberry Books bookstore is hosting a party to celebrate the retirement of Otis the bookstore cat. Otis, a gray and white cat found as a stray, has delighted patrons of the Ohio store as a professional greeter for the past ten years. Otis’ biography on the staff page recounts how he got his start as a bookstore cat when store owner Harriet Logan came to find him as a kitten who very loudly “demanded a job in book sales.”

Since then, other staff members and patrons alike have come to love Otis. The store even features a special gift section during the holidays called “Otis’ Old Curiosity Box” in honor of him. The sad news of Otis’ retirement comes as a result of a diabetes diagnosis and advanced age.

The party will take place on May 29th from 12-5 pm, have cat cakes, feline Wordle games, and a fundraiser for the Weirdo Cat Lovers of Cleveland.

It will celebrate his 14th birthday and commemorate his last day in the bookstore.

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