Library Defunded for Having LGBTQ Books Raises 50k+ In Donations

After Patmos Library refused to censor LGBTQ books, their funding was threatened, but donations have poured in from around the world.

PRH WTF: The Weirdest Quotes From the Penguin Random House Trial

“Everything is random in publishing. Success is random. Bestsellers are random. So that is why we are the Random House!”

A Template for Talking with School and Library Boards About Book Bans: Book Censorship News, August 5, 2022

How to talk at a school or library board meeting, with sample script and shareable graphics. That + this week's book censorship news.

A Michigan Public Library May Close Due to Conservative Propaganda

800 votes made the difference between the Patmos Library keeping its funding and potentially shutting down, thanks to conservative propaganda.

$90M Batgirl Movie Canceled

The $90 M Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace, J.K. Simmons, and Michael Keaton has officially been pulled by Warner Bros. studio.

Book Banners Don’t Know What a Book Ban Is

People trying to remove books from libraries insist it's not a book ban. Everyone wants to ban a book, but no one wants to be a book banner.

Louisiana School Librarian of the Year Seeking Legal Action After Slander Campaign

The president of the Louisiana Association of School Libraries speaks at a local library board meeting and met with harassment.

Love Beyoncé’s Renaissance? Read these Books!

If you've been playing Beyoncé's Renaissance album on a loop, pick up these books matched to your favorite songs!

Library Stormed by Proud Boys During Drag Queen Story Hour Starts Year of “Every Month is Pride” Events

San Lorenzo Library's Drag Queen Story Hour was disrupted by Proud Boys. In response, they are holding Pride events all year.

New Survey Shows How Americans’ Reading Habits Changed from Childhood

A new survey from YouGov asked U.S. Americans about their reading habits as kids and as adults. Here's what they found.