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Gifts For Readers 2023: The Best Bookish Gifts Under $30

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Several years ago, I found myself scrolling through the annual deluge of gift posts that make their way across websites this time of year and was struck by “stocking stuffer” guides, including items that cost upwards of $20, $30, $100 a pop. I don’t know what tax bracket those writers were in, but it was not mine—the GIFTS cost that much, not the stocking stuffers. It inspired me to pull together what has become an annual guide to the best gifts for readers under $30. There are a wide variety of options, some of which will make for fun stocking stuffers—looking at you, stickers!—and many of which make for a solid gift-gift.

I’ve organized this guide to the best gifts for readers under $30 by price point. You can look for gifts under $10, under $20, and then under $30. I’ve kept to non-specific gifts for readers. This means they’re not going to highlight a single author or book but rather encompass reading and books more broadly. In other words, these gifts are thoughtful but just generic enough to not offend a book lover because you accidentally bought them something about Jane Austen, and that’s not their jam. Your book club gifts are probably in here, too.

And look, I’m not going to judge you if, in your pursuit of the perfect bookish gift for someone else, you end up slipping something for yourself into your cart, too.

The Best Bookish Gifts Under $30

Gifts Under $10

pink and purple bookmark with gold celestial details

Quirky Cup is one of my favorite shops, period, and their bookmarks are not only beautiful, they’re high quality. This celestial bookmark is dreamy. $10.

Image of a white pad of sticky notes with colorful books on it.

Looking for the perfect little sticky note, either because you keep your to-do list there or want to use it for book notes or annotations, this bookish pad is it. $3.50.

several options of shapes for book page holders, including birds, dogs, snails, hearts, and more.

Choose your favorite shape—be it a bird, dog, heart, fox—and make holding book pages a little bit easier. The copper flakes in these are super pretty. $8.50 each.

print featuring a librarian bear.

This is an instant download print of a liBEARian. It’ll run you under $2, leaving you plenty of cash to print and frame this within your budget. It’s adorable!

an orange and purple 3D printed bookmark holder in the shape of a book.

These 3D-printed books are meant to hold your bookmarks. Clever! $7, and you can choose from a few colors.

Image of an acrylic pin in black that says "read queer books."

Pop this “read queer books” acrylic pin onto a stocking or thread it through the tassel of a bookmark for a nice little surprise. $6.

Image of  pin that says "roll into your library" and has a roller skate.

This retro pin comes in a number of sizes and is perfect for your library lovers. Price begins at $2.

Image of a cross stitch pattern with bookshelves and the words "books sweet books."

If you’re crafty or giving a gift to a crafty reader, this downloadable cross stitch pattern is a winner. You don’t get the canvas or the thread, but you could use what you’ve got or include them as part of your gift and still eke in around $10. The pattern itself is $6.

image of pink bookish washi tape.

This pink bookish washi tape is perfect for your bullet journal lovers. $5.

Because stickers tend to fall under $10, rather than try to space them out in the guide, I’m dropping them all below. There is literally a bookish sticker option out there for every kind of book lover.

Image of a sticker that says "paperback lover" on a paperbck book.

For the paperback lovers, this sticker. $4.

care bear style sticker.

This Care Bear is Reads A Lot. Lovers of all things ’90s will dig this one. $4.

celestial book nook sticker

For readers who love a cozy book nook, this sticker delivers. $4.00.

Image of two stacks of books with a rainbow connecting them, with the words "libraries are for everyone."

Every season is the perfect season to celebrate inclusion, and this libraries are for everyone sticker delivers. $2.

Gifts Under $20

Image of a brown claw clip with books on it.

Pull your hair back during your intense reading sessions with this rad bookish claw clip. $16.

image of a book light kit

I don’t know any book lover who wouldn’t appreciate a book light kit. This comes with a case and a charger, making it perfect for traveling readers, too. $20.

book enamel keychain

How fun is this gold enamel book keychain? So fun. $14.

bookish cross stitch kit

Set up your bookish giftee with a whole cross-stitch kit. This is the perfect activity for audiobook listening or when between reads. $19.

Image of a bookmark that is a Black woman wearing a bathing suit and beach hat.

There is a whole collection of these Black women reader bookmarks, and they are amazing. $18.

customizable bookstore ornament.

How fun is this customizable bookstore ornament? The thing I especially like about this is you can use it any time of year since it’s not necessarily holiday-themed. $15.

small book stack earrings

These tiny wooden book stack earrings are perfect for the minimalist book lover look. $11.

annotation bookmarks

Choose from among several colorways for the reader who loves to annotate. This bookmark keeps the sticky tabs all in one place. $10+.

Image of bird and cat bookmarks

Create a set of three bird, cat, or bird-and-cat bookmarks from this collection. These illustrations are gorgeous! $17.

mini chocolate books set

I am not a huge chocolate fan, but I would love these mini chocolate books, that’s for sure. How fun and special. $13.

moon and star socks

These celestial socks are for readers who consider themselves part of the midnight book club. $10.50.

notepad in bright colors that says "things to do before I can read my book"

For the to-do list makers, this notepad captures the needs you have before you can sink into your current read. $10.50.

fantasy themed camper mug

Keeping your beverages warm is sometimes essential, and this camper mug is perfect for fantasy book lovers. This creator has several other styles and genres, too, if this one is not your jam. $15.50.

motel style keychain that says 'on my way to buy more books'

One more keychain to round out this category of bookish gifts, and it’s this perfect motel-style one. Choose from several colors. $12.

Gifts Under $30

brightly colored wood bookends

These brightly colored wood bookends are so fun and so fresh. You get ONE for the price, but often, that’s enough to keep books as you’d like them. $25.

groovy colored kindle case

These bright, groovy Kindle cases might be some of the most fun ones I have seen. The above has numerous size options for the various Kindle types, and you can even personalize it. $29.

two planters shaped like people. Both are holding open books.

Plant and book lovers need look no further. These planters marry both passions. $20.

book shaped flower vase

For those who prefer a bookish vase, here are some options. They’re customizable, but that will cost a little more than choosing a textless vase. $29.

book necklace

Select the steel version in any chain length, and this fun, bookish necklace comes in at $30 exactly. If you go with sterling silver, you’ll add $10.

Image of a dark green reading journal

The style of this reading journal—its color and simplicity—gives it such a luxe feeling. $24.

Image of a pop grip that features a stack of books and the words "books over people."

Keep your phone handy and ready for shelfies with this bookish grip. $27.

bright colored print with an open book.

Last but not least, this bright-colored linocut print is a reminder that reading is illuminating. It’s $26, so you can find a frame within your budget and still stay near $30.

Grab a few more fun bookish gift ideas with kitschy and whimsical bookish shirts, bookish cards and tabletop games, and these fun bookish craft kits.