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Bookish Planners for 2024

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Whether you’re a serial planner who manages to actually use your planner every day to keep organized or you’re more like me where you buy a planner and use it in fits and starts throughout the year, the beginning of the new year is one where you get the opportunity to not only pore over the options out there, but you get the chance to plot about what planning in the upcoming year will look like (in reality or in aspiration). For book lovers, little is more exciting than grabbing a bookish planner, either. If you’re looking for a planner connected with a favorite literary fandom or you’re simply itching for a planner that allows you to recall your one true love — books — there’s something in this roundup of bookish planners for 2024 for everyone.

At this point, if you’re wondering whether these will be traditional planners with a bookish element or they’re planners to help you plot your bookish year, the answer is both. Some folks love to have their book plans in one place and the rest of their lives in another. For me personally, one tool is enough to keep track of. There will be undated planners here, as well as those that are specific to the new year itself. Not included are the range of rad accessories or tools for using your planner. You can find so many fabulous bookish planner supplies here. I’ve also stuck to physical bookish planners; looking at digital-only planners is a whole other post in and of itself.

Let’s dive into the world of bookish planners.

Bookish Planners for 2024

image of a deep blue reading journal surrounded by candles.

I am cheating a teeny bit and beginning with a reading journal, as opposed to a bookish planner. But how beautiful is this book? Grab it and use it to track and plan your reading life in the new year. $44.

Image of two reading journals beside pens and a cup of coffee.

Dreamy and thorough are two words to describe these reading planners. You can keep track of your TBR, the books you’ve read, and at least a dozen other parts of your reading life, including where you are when it comes to reading book series, favorite tropes, and more. $43, and you can choose whether you’d like a light or dark-colored cover.

the book lover's planner

If you are looking for a tool that is part traditional planner — it has calendars and spaces for you to note your obligations and appointments — as well as part book journal, this option from Emily Cromwell Designs will do just that. Every month, in addition to a regular calendar, you’re given prompts to check in on your reading life, including book reviews, writing out favorite quotes, and more. The spiral binding is a bonus for people who love their planners to lay perfectly flat. $30.

Image of a planner with a cat and stack of books.

For readers looking for a more traditional planner with a bookish design, this one is purrfection. $20.

cats and books planner

I don’t make the rules when it comes to how cats and books go together. But they do, so here is another option for a bookish planner if you’re a fan of felines. This one is packed with pictures of cats and books. $17.

light colored jane austen planner

Jane Austen fans will find this bookish planner to suit their needs and their interests. Those spines are gorgeous. $29.

vintage reading illustration bookish planner

This planner includes a whole host of gorgeous, vintage-style, bookish illustrations done by the creator. If you love fashion, the styles in here will make you swoon. The image shows 2023 as the date, but this is the 2024 edition — and it’s very limited, so if you want something especially unique, hop to it. $62.

planner with books and a tea pot.

This is a 16-month planner, so it is already in progress. But if you’re okay with just hopping in at the beginning of 2024, then this book and tea planner may be your perfect find. $32.

image of the bookish sleuth journal and planner.

Designed with mystery lovers in mind, this planner has undated pages, so you can hop in at any time. But in addition to the calendar aspect is the reading planner and journal element. Nerd out on your favorite mysteries while also ensuring you never miss something else you need to between reading sessions. $28.

Once you pick out your bookish planner for the year, the next thing you’ll want to do is ensure you’ve got your bookish celebrations and holidays written in it.