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New Year, New Bullet Journal Supplies

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Alex Luppens-Dale


Alex Luppens-Dale won the “Enthusiastic Reader Award” all four years of high school. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and received her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. Her favorite genres are memoir, witches, and anything with cults. She lives in New Jersey. You can keep up with Alex's latest work at her website.

I set up my first bullet journal at my corporate job sometime in mid-2016. At the time, I was an executive assistant and full-time graduate student. I’ve been through a couple of jobs and lives since then, and the way I journal has evolved (I no longer have the time to be quite so granular, and I will admit that I sometimes don’t look at it every day), but it’s been the productivity tool I’ve stuck with the longest, and I can’t imagine ever stopping.

For my 2023 journal, I thought it would be a fun idea to line each page with washi tape. You may already see where this is going, but I didn’t. My journal was triangular. It was really hard to write in, but I stuck with it because, you know, I have one journal per year. That’s been the rule, at least since grad school. Plus, I’d already applied the stickers! What a waste.

In August, I gave myself the gift of starting over because you always can. Eight years into this, and I’m still learning new lessons. 

So, if you’re starting a new journal with the new year, treat yourself to some time-saving new supplies. I tried to focus mostly on things you’ll use over and over again, but there’s some benefit in getting the more ephemeral things, too. It’s 2024, and we have no idea what’s coming. Use the good stickers. 

A wooden stamp for rating things out of 5 stars.

This star rating stamp will take your reading log to the next level. $5

Purple notebook with a celestial theme including hourglass image and the words 'made of stars' on the bottom.

If you haven’t yet committed to a notebook for this year, this one is gorgeous and can be made with the paper type of your choice. $27

Washi tape is essential for those of us who were not blessed with the ability to draw straight lines, and this is the cutest book pattern I could find. $3

A stamp for making checkboxes in a bullet journal.

This checklist stamp will help you keep track of everything you have to do without the need to draw equal squares. $18+

Stickers for rating things from 1-5 stars.

These stickers are just calling out to be filled in for your “books read” spread. $3

An assortment of pre-written months and days of the week stickers.

This assortment of stickers will come in especially handy for those of us whose handwriting is best described as ‘irregular.’ $5+

A stamp for keeping track of the habit you'd like to to track one the course of a  month.

This stamp is great for tracking a single habit over an extended period of time. $12+

A stamp for tracking multiple habits over seven days.

Maybe weekly spreads are more your thing. This stamp has room for everything you need to keep track of in a week. $19+

A selection of stencils for drawing calendars and shapes.

Drawing straight lines is tough. Let these stencils make it easier. They also come with their own carrying case. $32+

Smaller bullet journal stencils for drawing shapes.

These mini stencils are perfect for someone who is always on the go. $11

An embroidered notebook cover featuring leaves and yellow daisies.

This gorgeous book cover comes in a variety of sizes for all sorts of (note)books and just says “fancy” to me. $30+

Multicolored paperclip bookmarks with yarn tassels

These tassel bookmarks will make keeping your place fun and just a little bit whimsical. $2

Stencils for drawing straight lines in various widths.

These stencils were created specifically with the ever-popular midliners in mind. $7

A notebook cover in brown leather with a loop for a pen.

This notebook cover can be used for many years and also has an option for embossed initials for an extra level of personalization. $27

I hope that some of these supplies help you to have your most organized year ever. New to bullet journaling? Check out five takes on a reading journal and how one reader made a bookish bullet journal work for her.