Critical Linking: September 30, 2015

For one night only, guests are being given the opportunity to dine wizard style, eating Christmas dinner in Hogwarts’ most magical Great Hall. MERLIN’S BEARD.

I want to go to there.


As a writer requesting blurbs, Lalami says the idea is to find “an endorsement from someone who is a good fit for the subject matter, has a very strong reputation, and rarely blurbs can have a significant effect on tastemakers.”

Interesting look at how the blurb sausage is made.


I determined never again to follow the submission guidelines of any publication. For university-based journals, I knew that the editor was often employed by the school. It wasn’t hard to find a .edu email address and send stories directly to him or her, never failing, of course, to mention where I worked, which seemed to cut more ice than the quality of what I was writing.

When writers hunt down my email address to send me pitches for posts directly, I send them immediately to the garbage but YMMV with this advice.


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