Critical Linking: January 19, 2013

I suppose it’s possible that Sylvia Plath, who fought to win freedom from the role she was expected to play as a woman, and whose predicament was so eloquently captured in Shirley Tucker’s cover design, would see a female designer distributing condoms with her logo on them as some form of progress.

Except that those condoms are often accompanied by erection-measuring pencils and CDs stamped with a stick-figure woman performing fellatio.  That’d probably be a step back in her book.


“We do not want reading to be the most boring thing a child can do on a phone or a tablet”

Enhanced ebooks may not be for everyone, but for a new generation of readers, they will have to become the norm.


Wikipedia lets everyone in. Anyone with an Internet connection can become an editor. And when you open your door to the world, it’s no surprise someone graffitis the walls.

And this is why your English professor won’t count Wikipedia as a valid source on your research paper.


It’s also possible that the bookstore will go out of business in the middle of your reading.

Of course, this is worst-case scenario.  Generally, they hold off on locking the doors until you’re done.

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