Read or Dead

Read or Dead is a bi-weekly mystery fiction podcast dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.

Episode 90Inaugural Serial Killers

Katie and Rincey get geared up for the holiday season with a giant pile of books that you could give to someone (or yourself).

Episode 89A Mood and a Half

Katie and Rincey celebrate Nonfiction November with some great nonfiction reads, talk about the great casting in the new Jane Harper adaptation, and are pleasantly surprised by the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Episode 88Sad News for Jimmy P.

Katie and Rincey mourn the ending of The President is Missing adaptation, celebrate some revivals and reboots and talk about their love of audiobooks.

Episode 87It’s a Banner Day

Katie and Rincey appreciate talking about some good news and get into the fall spirit with some dark, creepy campus novels.

Episode 86Even Better Than Christmas

Katie and Rincey pick up some fun Scooby-Doo themed books based on a listener request and get really excited about some recent reads.

Episode 85My Sweatshirt’s Public Debut

Katie and Rincey talk about mysteries featuring technology and social media, along with some mixed feelings about adaptation news recently announced.

Episode 84Sticking Houdini in the Bathroom

Katie and Rincey talk adaptation news, including the Dan Mallory movie, and take a walk down memory lane with middle grade mystery books.

Episode 83Take What You Can Get

Katie and Rincey talk about a new Megan Abbott book, Unsolved Mysteries, cold cases and more!

Episode 82Nothing Better Than a Time-Traveling Serial Killer

Katie and Rincey get excited about adaptations of The Shining Girls and Magpie Murders, and talk about mystery books by Black authors that they've recently picked up.

Episode 81Here’s to an Uneventful Year

Katie and Rincey catch up on the news they missed, including lawsuits featuring Dan Brown and the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate, and read some locked room mysteries in honor of not leaving their homes.