Read or Dead

Read or Dead is a bi-weekly mystery fiction podcast dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.

Episode 14You Love Baby Elephants, I Love Severed Hands

Before the end of the year, Katie and Rincey squeeze in a 2017 mystery book of their choice that they've been wanting to read all year but hadn't gotten around to. This episode is sponsored by Book Riot Insiders.

Episode 13I Mustache You A Question

Rincey and Katie discuss Agatha Christie and the latest adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express! This episode is sponsored by Penguin Random House Audio and Book Riot's $500 Giveaway.

Episode 12Why We Love True Crime

Katie and Rincey talk about the Goodreads Choice Awards, John Grisham's latest book and true crime books. This episode is sponsored by Murderer’s Maid by Erika Mailman and Haven by Mary Lindsey.

Episode 11The Snowman, Slightly Better Than Gigli

Katie and Rincey talk about how horrible the new Snowman adaptation seems to be and give some Halloween recommendations. 

Episode 10Geeking out on Tana French

Katie and Rincey use the news about the upcoming Tana French BBC adaptation to fawn over her books. This episode is sponsored by Gangster Nation by Tod Goldberg and Lit Chat.

Episode 9Can We Not

Katie and Rincey talk about the Miss Fisher film Kickstarter and the updated adaptation news for the Bill Clinton, James Patterson thriller.

Episode 8Worshipping the Ground Stephen King Walks On

Katie and Rincey do a Stephen King themed episode! They talk about adaptations - including the new release of IT - their favorite books and more.

Episode 7Acting Like Veruca Salt With Adaptations

Katie and Rincey talk about real life mysteries that have surrounded mystery writers. This episode is sponsored by The Blind and the Unusual Suspects newsletter. 

Episode 6Murder at a Chippendales

Katie and Rincey run through a few mystery and thriller adaptations and talk about cozy mysteries that they've recently read.

Episode 5Crazy, Classified Antics

Katie and Rincey talk about James Patterson and Bill Clinton joining forces, The Snowman movie trailer, and provide some Scandinavian book recommendations.

Episode 4The Essence of a Woman is Not Contained in a Bra

Katie and Rincey talk about male writers taking on ambiguous pseudonyms, more adaptations and give true crime recommendations.

Episode 3Mysteries Surrounding Strange, Severed Hands FTW

Katie and Rincey go over the mystery and thriller books in Amazon's Best Books of the year so far list and question if some of the books on there are actually mysteries.

Episode 2A Modern, Slightly Less Hairy, Sexy Hagrid

Rincey and Katie talk about the difference between mysteries, thrillers, and suspense books and provide some recommendations for each genre and sub-genre.

Episode 1True Detective in 1890s New York City

Rincey and Katie kick off the first episode by talking about some adaptations they are excited to see and upcoming releases they can't wait to read.

Episode 0Dark, Demented, And Disturbing

Katie and Rincey introduce themselves and discuss how they came to love the genre, along with a few of their favorite books to recommend.