Read or Dead

Read or Dead is a bi-weekly mystery fiction podcast dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.

Episode 83Take What You Can Get

Katie and Rincey talk about a new Megan Abbott book, Unsolved Mysteries, cold cases and more!

Episode 82Nothing Better Than a Time-Traveling Serial Killer

Katie and Rincey get excited about adaptations of The Shining Girls and Magpie Murders, and talk about mystery books by Black authors that they've recently picked up.

Episode 81Here’s to an Uneventful Year

Katie and Rincey catch up on the news they missed, including lawsuits featuring Dan Brown and the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle estate, and read some locked room mysteries in honor of not leaving their homes.

Episode 80The Year of the Staycation

Katie and Rincey talk about lots of new award nominees that have been announced and pick out books featuring LGBTQ+ characters for Pride Month! 

Episode 79Just An Episode of the West Wing

Katie and Rincey talk about the new James Patterson and Bill Clinton book, a new Lisbeth Salander adaptation and mystery short story collections.

The Quarantine Doldrums

Katie and Rincey talk about Jane Harper's new novel, the French serial killer expert who apparently isn't an expert and books featuring religious elements that are not by Dan Brown.

Episode 77Experiencing My Muppet Arming Mood

Katie and Rincey discuss the Edgar Award winners, Tana French's new book and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Episode 76Upright and Breathing

While they are self-quarantining, Katie and Rincey decide to tackle some of the oldest mystery and true crime books on their TBR. 

Episode 75Teenagers with Dawson’s Creek Syndrome

Katie and Rincey talk about some changing release dates, Tiger King, and the books they turn to when they need some comfort.

Episode 74Banished to the Corner

Katie and Rincey thank the mystery gods for a new Tana French potentially coming this fall, talk about some great mystery small presses.