Read or Dead

Read or Dead is a bi-weekly mystery fiction podcast dedicated to the worlds of mystery and thriller literature.

Episode 58Peaking in First Grade

Katie and Rincey talk about the Tiny Pretty Things adaptation, Tana French in the New Yorker, the real life Where the Crawdads Sing mystery and celebrate Women in Translation month. 

Episode 57Looking For a Time Turner

Katie and Rincey talk about Dean Koontz's new Amazon book deal, Scottish mysteries, and more!

Episode 56Hitting All My Terrifying Buttons

Katie and Rincey talk about controversy around the Staunch Prize, James Patterson's book about Jeffrey Epstein and pick up some 2019 release that they haven't gotten to yet.

Episode 55The Perfect Blend of Structured Chaos

Katie and Rincey talk about a seven-figure film deal, Stranger Things, and celebrate their two year anniversary by talking about Nancy Drew.

Episode 54They Were Just Here a Minute Ago

Katie and Rincey talk about some mysteries by Australian authors, along with some news about Linda Fairstein, women writing in the mystery genre, and more. 

Episode 53I Found Something Weird

In honor of Pride month, Katie and Rincey spend some time talking about mystery books by LGBTQ+ authors.

Episode 52No People Were Harmed During the Reading of This Book

Katie and Rincey talk Nora Roberts hitting a major milestone, more lists featuring just white authors, and some mysteries by Asian and Asian American authors!

Episode 51Don’t Try This At Home

Katie and Rincey talk about the Edgar Awards, the Agatha Awards, infuriating cookie giving This episode is sponsored by Book Riot Insiders, Westside by W.M. Akers, and The Fifth Doctrine by Karen Robards

Episode 50Recruiting people to the Sujata Massey fan club

Katie and Rincey catch up after an episode apart and pick up books from some new-to-them authors.

Episode 49Why Is No One Listening To the Person Who Watches Horror Movies?

Episode 48Couples That Slay Together, Stay Together

This episode, Katie and Rincey pick up mystery books featuring disabled protagonists.

Episode 47Springtime, time to refresh or whatever

Katie and Rincey talk about the big college admissions scam (because how could they not?) and provide some creepy book picks for a reader's book club.

Episode 46In Like a Lion, Out Like Another Lion

Katie and Rincey talk about the history of mysteries and thrillers and espionage novels.

Episode 45Multiple Pairs of Banana Pants

Katie and Rincey talk adaptations coming of Karin Slaughter and Bill Clinton's books, and the ridiculous story about Dan Mallory a.k.a. AJ Finn.

Episode 44Everyone Needs an Intervention

Katie and Rincey talk about the Agatha awards and Edgar Award nominees, more adaptation news and some mysteries written by Black authors. This episode is sponsored by the Read Harder Journal, Bookclubbish, Fate: An Uncle Chow Tung Novel by Ian Hamilton.