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The Ultimate Updated Guide to YA Short Stories

A guide to (nearly every) YA short story published in print, indexed by your favorite author.

Let’s Get Messy: Literary Beefs and Rivalries

Since the rap beef between Kendrick and Drake has taken over TikTok, let's talk about literary beefs and rivalries.

The Most Unhinged Fictional Characters Ever Written

Here are nine of the most unhinged characters in contemporary literature, from Tom Ripley to Juniper Song.

These 1980s Horror Novels Will Frighten You With How Badly They Aged

The 1980s saw a boom in mass-market, paperback horror novels. Here are four of them that aged badly, and four that are still worth reading.

10 Bookmarks to Beautify Your Spring

Do you like to match your bookmarks to the season? Then look no further than these spring bookmarks. Hint: flowers and cottagecore abound.

A ’90s Manga That Really Holds Up

Whether you're already a Sailor Moon fan or you've never heard of it before, here's a great place to start.

Why Are Elderly Protagonists Having a Moment?

With age comes wisdom.

8 Cozy and Comforting Books About Bakeries

Sweet and cozy books about bakeries, perfect for with a croissant and tea.

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