Microsoft Unveils Digital Bookstore: Critical Linking, March 31, 2017

Sponsored by Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves.

Microsoft has developed a digital bookstore where they will be selling hundreds of thousands of bestselling and backlist titles. Every e-book you purchase will be able to be read on the Microsoft Edge browser, which will be updated with a number of enhancements such as being able to adjust the font size and font type. Cortana will also play a major role with being able to search for words or phrases or even to define specific words. Microsoft has just announced that it will be launching on April 11th as part of the new Creators Update.


Gaiman plays down the extreme strangeness of some of the material and defuses its bleakness by a degree of self-satire. There is a good deal of humour in the stories, the kind most children like – seeing a braggart take a pratfall, watching the cunning little fellow outwit the big dumb bully. Gaiman handles this splendidly. Yet I wonder if he tries too hard to tame something intractably feral, to domesticate a troll.

I didn’t know I needed Ursula Le Guin reviewing Neil Gaiman, but I do. I really do.

A Dallas bookstore is trying to get people to read classic novels by turning them into clickbait.

The idea has, naturally, been called “litbait”.

It’s a simple plan. Take a classic title, then describe it in trashy, listicle terms.

Litbait! I hate it. Also I love it? 

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