Book Fetish: Volume 171

Les Wizarables Shirt: Any Potter mashup is a good one, but mixed with Victor Hugo and you get…wait for it…magic. (Shoutout to author Celeste Ng for this one).

Les wizardables tee shirt


Library Pashmina: It’s probably too early to think about winter (or even fall), but it’s never too early to plan your scarf game. This library-inspired one is lovely and lightweight enough for a rainy summer day.

library pashmina scarf

BOOK Bookends: Go on with your literal self.

wooden book bookends

She-Read Tee Shirt: My favorite kind of superhero. Can we get a Kelly Sue Deconnick adaptation of this?

she-read tee shirt

Mean Girls Bookstore Tote: Stop trying to make fetch happen.

mean girls bookstore tote


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