Book Fetish: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Edition

This post is part of our Harper Lee Reading Day: a celebration of one of the most surprising literary events of our lifetime, the publication of her new book, Go Set a Watchman. Check out the rest right here.



Typographic Print: This gorgeous print, with an iconic quote from the novel, looks like a movie poster.

TKAM print tree

Finch Brooch: A wooden bird covered with a page from the classic novel is a literal way to keep it close to your heart.

TKAM text brooch

Scout & Jem Earrings: Simple and elegant.

TKAM scout jem earrings


Line-Up Tee: All the Finches.

TKAM line up tee shirt

Atticus’s Best Qualities Print: Of course, Gregory Peck will always and forever be Atticus Finch.

TKAM Atticus print

Real Courage Leather Bracelet: Another of Atticus’ quotable pieces of wisdom on a stylish leather wrap-around bracelet.

TKAM leather bracelet


Calpurnia’s Housekeeping Tee: A subtler homage to the Maycomb-based story.

TKAM calpurnia's cleaning tee shirt

Typewriter Earrings: The recognizable cover and a classic typewriter are perfect pieces to decorate your lobes.

TKAM earrings


Text-Wrapped Pencils: Take your writing inspiration from Harper Lee’s words themselves.

TKAM pencils

Put a Bird On It Print: Illustrated with a more whimsical sentiment, this poster takes the “to kill a mockingbird” saying literally.

TKAM gun bird print

Atticus Finch-Themed Shoes: You know you want to be head-to-toe TKAM adorned.

TKAM shoes

Delete the Adjectives Quote Print: When the words are so powerful, you don’t need more than that.

TKAM print adjectives

Go Set a Watchman Necklace: Pieces featuring the GSAW cover few and far between this early, but some enterprising soul has created a simple but effective pendant.

GSAW pendant

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