The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 4 – 8, 2015

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Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, and Gerry Alanguilan (Jessica Pryde)

I’m slowly making my way through all of the Superman Origins; this is the one I managed to finish this month. Fantastic art and a fresh story drew me in early on, but it was my own uncertainty that kept me moving with this one. Waid really dug into the nuances of Clark Kent as man and alien–the whole bit about the aura of living beings was definitely something you might not consider when thinking of Supes living on earth. I’ve got lots more to get through, but this one set a pretty high standard for the others.

from The Best Comics We Read in April by Bri Rudd


If having a mere dollop of plot parceled out to you on a daily—or worse—a weekly basis only leaves you craving more comics, if you just can’t wait to see how it all ends, if you really want to sit down and cram an entire story arc into your brain in a single, sleepless marathon weekend, rejoice! Here are three satisfying webcomics with great, compelling stories that have already wrapped up. The threads have all come together, the questions have all been answered, and you won’t have to wait for the next page, as long as your Internet connection holds out.

from 3 Webcomics You Can Read Straight Through Beginning to End by Monica Friedman


Avengers: Age of Ultron is the eleventh movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bringing together 6 main super heroes, 2 secondary returning characters, and 3 tertiary returning characters, two new conflicted heroes, one reborn android, and one new supervillain, this is just one huge movie. And like the preceding sentence, it is full of a lot of awesome things but is sometimes a bit messy. A lot of complex things happen in this nearly two, and a half hour flick, so there’s a lot to go over.

from Two Panelteers Discuss Avengers: Age of Ultron by Dana Silver


groot head off

from The FanGroot’s Guide to the Galaxy by Swapna Krishna


The book really boils down to five things:

1. Let your geek flag fly, girl! (Gain confidence in who you are)
2. Here’s where you can start geeking out. (Guides in where and how you can start letting that flag fly)
3. How to stay safe, deal with trolls, and the world at large. (This is the most important aspect in my mind)
4. Interviews with geekettes who are on the rise, have made it, or otherwise have dealt with all the difficulties of leaving Themyscira for Man’s World. (For example Jane Espenson, Erin Morgenstern, Kate Beaton, and more)
5. A complete definition of what the core of feminism is today (the pursuit of equality for EVERYONE) and who can be a feminist (anyone).

from Fangirl’s Guide to the Universe — As Read By A Dude by Dana Silver


Together, Ellis and Shalvey — along with Bellaire, whose sharp eye for color is making good pencils and inks look even better all over the comics world — have created a place I am eager to revisit, and started a story whose next chapter I can’t wait to read.

from The Art of the Start: Injection #1 by Caroline Pruett


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