Critical Linking: April 17th, 2014


Read Hundreds of Free Sci-Fi Stories from Asimov, Lovecraft, Bradbury, Dick, Clarke & More

I’m not exactly sure how these are all available for free, but I’ll bite.


Chloe Grace Moretz will star in the studio’s YA adaptation The 5th Wave that Graham King and Tobey Maguire are producing.

Are we going to get sick of comic book movies or YA dystopia movies first?


The 2014 Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction has been awarded to E. L. Doctorow, the author of“Ragtime,” “The March,” “World’s Fair” and several other works of fiction.

Other winners include Philip Roth, Toni Morrison, John Updike, Isabel Allende, and Don DeLillo. Kinda like an American Nobel. Without the money.


Almost half (46%) of the men asked are reading fewer books now than they did in the past; a third prefer the internet and 30% engage more with film and TV. One in five men confessed that they have pretended to have read a specific title in order to appear more intelligent. It also emerged that almost 30% of men admit that they haven’t really picked up a book since they were obliged to at school.

One way to spin this: that 46% who said they read less now than they once did, 30% said they haven’t picked up a book at school, so somewhere around only 16% of men who have read a book since school are reading less than they once did. How many do you think, then, might actually be reading more?

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