The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 24-28, 2014

S. E. Hinton’s story foreruns those of other women in YA fiction. While YA was allowed to grow and develop, too often, the work women did laying down the tracks to its success was recognized not on its own merits but because of the approval of their expressed work by men. Books like Twilight — written by a woman and enjoyed primarily by female readers, both teen and adult — become easy targets, rather than symbols of recognition and/or status, for any discussion about YA fiction.

From A Censored History of Ladies in YA Fiction by Kelly Jensen


Enter your humble streaming video servant. What follows is a huge list of what the bookish side of Netflix has to offer. Enjoy responsibly (and don’t neglect your books; they have feelings too).

From The Big Bookish Netflix Round-Up by Josh Corman


If your library is anything like mine, your neighbors will be generous. The library will probably take on a life of its own. You can let it chug along, running on its own steam, without having to add many books or do much in general. But culling is your friend. You are a STEWARD of the library; it’s your domain.

From 5 Tips For Running Your Little Free Library by Swapna Krishna


Confession: I own over 850 books that I haven’t read.

That’s more than double the number of books I own that I HAVE read. I discovered this startling number as I was organizing and cataloguing the books in my apartment in preparation for The Book Jar project. No longer confined to a small jar, the slips of paper with titles and authors quickly spilled over into a small box.

From Is Owning Books As Good As Reading Them? by Rachel Manwill

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