Critical Linking: September 23rd, 2013


Plath’s work blazed a trail for female poets and helped establish a strong tradition in confessional poetry. Draper’s visions for advertising tapped into the heads and hearts of people, showing that commercials could elicit the same emotions as a piece of art. At the heart of it, both Sylvia Plath and Don Draper are two artists with a vision, and deep beneath their creativity lies hidden pain.

Take the quiz to see if you can decipher one creative genius from the other! 

This is the best installment yet of the CBC’s “Who Said It?” quizzes.


In an effort to introduce Norman Mailer’s work to a younger generation of readers, Random House is embarking on a publishing campaign that will include the release of a new essay collection, eight books in e-book format for the first time and repackaged paperbacks.

This is worth a shot: it’s hard to believe how far Mailer’s star has fallen in the last couple of decades. Is he a now just underexposed or a relic? Guess we’ll find out.


The AAP has just released a new sales report today. The report covers the first half of this year and is based on data provided by 1196 US publishers, and it shows that the overall US book market was down 6%, largely due to kid’s books and adult paperbacks, while the ebook market dropped by 3.6%.

I was worried about this. 50 Shades was so huge last year (and the release of The Hunger Games movie) that it masked the underlying weakness. Even ebook sales are down. Not good. Maybe the theatrical release of Catching Fire can prop up the end of 2013. Warning note: these reports can be pretty inaccurate.


After increasing 33% in the first quarter of 2012 over the same period in 2011, adult e-book sales rose 13% in the first period of 2013, according to the Association of American Publishers.

See the last sentence of my comment on the previous story.



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