Star Wars Gift Guide: The Force Is Strong With This One

Is the Force with you, or with someone you know? Let’s be real: the Force seems to be with all of us these days. This is an amazing time to be a Star Wars fan: Hype about the new movie is real, and while some fans may feel like we’re overloaded with information (I probably would be in this camp if I hadn’t stopped reading interviews/coverage two weeks ago), I think it’s so great.

One thing I really love is all the merchandising. Yes, you can argue that there’s too much stuff out there, but honestly, I think it’s awesome. I love being able to find cool stuff everywhere I turn, and especially that so much of it is for women. I’m not even going to tell you how much money I’ve spent on Star Wars merch. What I will do instead is present a handy dandy gift guide for the Star Wars lover in your life.

For the really good friend or close relative or someone you want to mightily impress:

bb-8BB-8 Droid by Sphero ($149.99)

I don’t think I need to tell you about the BB-8 Sphero droid. I have her. I unboxed her on camera and made ridiculous “I am a professional and am trying to stay calm but THIS IS SO CUTE” faces. The price is steep, to be sure, so you’d better REALLY love the person you’re getting it for, but honestly, it’s delightful and adorable.

The place I’d hesitate to recommend the BB-8 droid is on usefulness/longevity. It’s adorable and fun, to be sure, but how often are you going to play with it? If you’re looking for a higher priced gift item that’ll last a lifetime, you should check out….


star-wars-blanket-vaderStar Wars Pendleton Blankets ($249.99)

These are limited edition, gorgeous wool blankets, at $250 each, with four choices. This is the gift I keep leaving hints about for my husband. “But it’s a blanket. That doubles as art. IT’LL KEEP ME WARM FOREVER.”

I’m not sure it’s working.



For the jaded fan:

star-warsStar Wars, Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, and Laura Martin
Darth Vader, Vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larocca, and Edgar Delgado
(prices vary; $24.88 for both at Amazon)

Have a friend or family member who’s jaded about The Force Awakens after the burn that was the prequels? Are they reluctant to get in on any of the merch or read the new Expanded Universe after Disney nixed what’s already come? Then buy them these comics. They restore the terrifying image of Darth Vader (especially with the current series Vader Down) and bring back some of the fun and camaraderie of the original trilogy. They’re good individually, but really best read as companion comics for full enjoyment, so get both!

For the kid just getting into Star Wars:

star-wars-everything-you-needStar Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (prices vary; $11.21 at Amazon)

One of the things I love best about The Force Awakens is that it gets a whole new generation of kids excited about and into Star Wars. If you have a youngling who’s just getting into the franchise, this gorgeous full-color book is full of high quality pictures and tidbits/strange facts about Star Wars. It’ll keep them occupied on that LONG car ride home after the holidays.



For the casual fan who’d rather be reading a book:

lost-stars-claudia-grayLost Stars by Claudia Gray (prices vary; $9.89 at Amazon)

Looking to bring a casual Star Wars friend who’s seen and enjoyed the movies into the full Star Wars fandom fold? Lost Stars is a novel about two kids who are born with the birth of the Empire, from opposite sides of the tracks, who become best friends and go to the Imperial Academy together…and maybe even fall in love. It’s a genuinely great novel, with action, adventure, romance, and intriguing clues about what’s to come in the Star Wars universe. It’s great for any fan, but especially to draw people into the magic of Star Wars.


For the Star Wars fan who has everything:


Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Box from Funko! ($31.95 including S/H)

If the fan you’re buying for seems to have everything, the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box is a good bet because it contains exclusive items for Star Wars fans! The next box isn’t shipping until January, so you may have to warn your recipient their gift will be late, but I certainly loved what I found in the debut Smuggler’s Bounty box.

frylo-renFrylo Ren (Kylo Ren Mr. Potato Head) ($12.99)

If I have to explain why this is awesome, then you don’t get me. At all. (It’s called Frylo Ren, FRYLO REN PEOPLE)

For your Secret Santa/Office Gift Exchange:


R2-D2 and C-3PO Ceramic Bowl Set ($19.99)

There’s usually a $20 or $25 limit to these things, and really, what better way is there to spend $20 than on bowls that look like the heads of our favorite droids?


Star Wars Darth Vader Apron (19.99)

Because why not?

For the woman who loves her some tees:


Star Wars T-Shirts (prices vary;,, Forever 21)

I’ve basically gone bankrupt buying Star Wars tee shirts. Once it was difficult to find cute shirts cut for women’s bodies but NO LONGER. There are so many shirts out there to choose from, so I’m not going to recommend just one (though I do love the ones pictured and own the one on the left and in the middle). Check out the selection for yourself.

This is clearly NOT a comprehensive list; the amount of Star Wars stuff that is currently out there is overwhelming, even for a die-hard fan like me. Feel free to leave a comment with some of your own favorite merch, or if you have a hard-to-please fan to buy for, I’m happy to provide suggestions.

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