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The Best DnD DM Screens for Your Next Campaign

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Ann-Marie Cahill will read anything and everything. From novels to trading cards to the inside of CD covers (they’re still a thing, right?). A good day is when her kids bring notes home from school. A bad day is when she has to pry a book from her kids’ hands. And then realizes where they get it from. The only thing Ann-Marie loves more than reading is travelling. She has expensive hobbies.

Rarely will you find anything as intimidating as a Dungeon Master (or Game Master) peering over their DnD DM screen with a mischievous look before whispering, “You are welcome to try.” 

Whether you’re new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons (AKA DnD, and sometimes D&D), or if you are a seasoned adventurer with a running tab at the local tavern (yet to be paid), you will know there are a few universal requirements for any successful campaign: pencil, paper, dice, a sense of humour, and the DM must have a solid screen to keep pesky players from seeing too far ahead. For first-timers, you can make do with a couple of books and a laptop with all your notes. However, as you spend more time guiding your comrades through dungeons and dangers, you may find yourself longing for something a little more substantial. 

So, what should you look for in the best DnD DM screen of all game time? First, you need something that will hold onto your notes. In the digital age, you may have this readily available on your laptop or tablet; remember, there will be times when you need to share a map or something with your fellow players. Loose paper can still have its benefits. You will also need to consider the size of your DM screen. It needs to allow you to hide things from other players, help build suspense and anticipation, and create a bit of mystery, too. 

Built-in storage also has benefits. Despite what the merchant in town will tell you, there is no need for special figurines, tokens, or stat cards. But they help foster an atmosphere for the campaign. And the more escapism you experience with the storytelling, the more your players will give to their own experience, too. This leads to my final personal requirement: aesthetics. The best DM screens become part of the game aesthetic. They can fold up into a tome for easy carry, or a storage box easily mistaken for a mimic. You can also go for a full battle scene, which is 3D printed and painted to be part of your battle map. Either way, the screen is as much a character in the storytelling as the monsters themselves. 

image of dnd dm screen with DnD books and a teenager looking over the top
Image by A Cahill

No matter your class, race, or level, there are plenty of DM screens to enhance your DnD experience. Here’s our list of the best DnD DM Screens to start the adventure.

Standard DnD DM Screens to Keep it Simple

image of dnd dm screen with tablet stand

Dungeons Box D&D Dice Box Storage – DungeonCo – $45+

Made with sustainable bamboo, this stand is designed to use your tablet as the screen while offering storage and roll space for the dice.

image of dnd dm screen for tablet

Tablet Tray for DM Screen – DabobDesign – $25

We love the cherry wood for this classic style. Bonus points for the magnet sides to connect with other panels for an even bigger DnD DM screen.

image of dnd dm screen with faux leather

DM Screen Faux Leather Embossed Dragon & Mimic – StatueLiberty

It is super impressive artwork, but on the other side, there are plastic sleeves for your fact sheets rather than magnets or pins. Comes with a felt case for extra protection.

Wooden DnD DM Screens with an Added Personal Touch

image of wooden dnd dm screen with magnets

Personalised Dungeon Master Screen – DracaenaDraco – $60

Personalise this DM Screen with your choice of wood, colour, illustrative design on the outside AND the inside, and your choice of dice tower.

image of dnd dm screen with block dice tower

Ultimate Game Master screen – RavenworksGamingCo – $250

Your players might be distracted by the intricate laser-engraved image on the outside of this DnD DM Screen. They’ll never know what hit them.

Level Up with Extra Details and Bring it to Life

image of dnd dm screen with roman helm

Book of Odyssey DM Screen – DragonTempl8 – $310

It’s a piece of art on its own. This handmade DnD DM Screen is made from wood and resin. DragonTempl8 have a wide range of screens, including Cthulhu, Secrest of R’Lye, and a magnificent Tree of Life for Viking/Norse-inspired adventures.

image of magnetic wooden 3D DnD DM Screen by TheGoodsMerchant

Magnetic Wooden 3D DnD DM Screen – TheGoodsMerchant – $110

Made from multiple layers of laser-cut wood to create imagery with depth. Truly sets the scene for a great adventure.

image of Cthulhu's Curse DnD DM Screen by FandomoniumGaming

Cthulhu’s Curse Dungeon Master Screen – FandomoniumGaming – $170

A book-style fold-out DnD DM Screen made of wood with extra 3D features. It adds a fantastical atmosphere to your table and folds away rather neatly. For an Elder God.

3D Printed DnD DM Screens to Set the Scene

image of Fates End Dungeon Master Screens by GeekInk3DStudio

Fates End Dungeon Master Screens – GeekInk3DStudio – $50

A 3D printed DnD DM Screen, with attached dice towers and dice/figure stands. Choose between citadel or alien city, and then DIY paint detail for a personal touch.

Image of Fantasy Village DnD DM Screen with Dice Towers by 3DCraftsAndCurios

Fantasy Village DnD DM Screen with Dice Towers – 3DCraftsAndCurios – $90

A centrepiece for every campaign that starts in a local tavern. The walls are built like a fortress around the DM but on the other side is a world of storage and order (if that’s your thing).

When Your DnD DM Screen Needs More Storage Space

image of huge dungeon master screen and organiser by HuckleberryWorkshop1

Huge Dungeon Master Screen and Organiser – HuckleberryWorkshop1 – $475

This is up there with the ultimate DnD splurge. Handmade with wood and magnets, this DnD DM Screen folds up into a neat carry case and has storage for pretty much everything: figurines, dice, tokens, manuals, pencils, and a dice tower.

Image of MagiCrate v2.0 by MinnesotaDryGoods

MagiCrate 2.0 – The Complete Portable Modular DM/GM Kit – MinnesotaDryGoods – $200+

Come for the DM Screens. Stay for the beautiful and compact storage. A modular all-in-one storage box that folds out to include the DM Screen, a battle board, dice towers, and so much glorious storage. It’s customisable with colours and 3D printed to order.

Of course, finding yourself the best DnD DM screen is only the beginning. You’ll also need the Best D&D Dice for Players with Class, and the Best D&D Character Sheets to match. And when you’re ready to go, check in with fellow Book Rioter Lucas with the best tips on How to Start a D&D Campaign. The magical world of roleplaying games awaits!