Critical Linking: November 21, 2015

Last month enhanced Harry Potter ebooks were released in iBooks, and now the audiobooks are showing up in Audible (and shortly iTunes).

Harry Potter comes to Audible.


Rather than allowing academics to intervene, the board voted unanimously to tweak its current system, mandating that review panels be made up of “at least a majority” of people with “sufficient content expertise and experience” as determined by the Texas education commissioner.

Texas doesn’t want academics fact-checking their public school textbooks. C’mon, son.


Independent booksellers up and down the country are preparing to host a “Civilised Saturday” next week, as the “perfect antidote” to the cut-throat bargain-hunting and frenzied shopping of the upcoming Black Friday.

Well ok.

Bundle (up) with bookish leggings + 2 pairs of socks for $30 and spend the snuggly season in literary style.