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oct comics mailbag

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Sugar and spice and everything nice? The young heroines of Paper Girls are more like cigarettes, snark and resolve wrapped in a denim jacket. And let’s not forget—they’re also pioneers in their field, breaking the glass ceiling in the world of newspaper delivery.

As someone who fell fast and hard for Saga, I expected a lot going in to Paper Girls, the newest series from writer Brian K. Vaughan. But somehow, Paper Girls still managed to exceed my expectations.

from The Art of the Start: Paper Girls by Emily Wenstrom


In all, the issue is a fun, spirited romp. It can be a little hard to figure out what the through line of the series will actually be, however, as it takes until the back third of the issue to hit upon an ongoing plot. Though some hints in this portion do give a sense of perhaps some Doctor Who in this Doctor’s DNA. Five dollars for this oversized issue can be a bit of a hard sell, especially for a character who does not have an in-built fanbase or who many are unfamiliar with. However, I had a lot of fun and am excited to see where it goes next, even if I am a little trepidatious about a similarity between the epilogue of this issue and a previous story arc of Aaron’s. Those curious about the character, those who like supernatural stories and anyone who’s looking for a good romp would be advised to check it out.

from The Art of the Start: Doctor Strange #1 by Brian McNamara


Breaks. When you’re reading prose, sometimes you go a lot of pages and the end of the chapter is not in sight. If you’re a frequent snacker, or you drink a lot of tea/coffee/water and use the bathroom a lot, you might find yourself pushing through on your reading, even when you want to stop. Now, there are some pretty hefty graphic novels out there, too, but you doubtless will be reading something a bit lighter, in both weight and tone. So you’ll find more places to take small breaks for another handful of Oreos or an apple. Or just a short walk around your reading space. Then fill the kettle and read another issue before it starts to scream at you.

from Comics: The Perfect Readathon Material by Jessica Pryde



from Comics Fetish: Volume 52 by Kristina Pino

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