Book Fetish: Volume 175

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Lucille Clifton Print: It’s not often we see art featuring non-mainstream poets, so I was excited to find this lovely print featuring American poet, Lucille Clifton.

lucille clifton woodcut print

Typographic Print Dress: A dress that looks like it’s covered with wooden letter blocks? Yes please!

typographic dress

Table of Books Accent Table: Rather than just creating a stack out of the hardcovers that don’t fit in your shelves, this accent table is probably a more sturdy place to set your cup of tea.

book accent table

Bitch Planet Leggings: Just take my money.

Bitch Planet leggings

Reader Rubber Ducky: I definitely stay in the tub well past the prune-y fingers stage when my book is really good. Bring a buddy with you who understands the struggle.


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