Critical Linking for August 13th, 2015


Just like adult fiction, popular YA books such as The Hunger Games or Divergent are not representative of the sheer diversity of titles and authors out there. Teen site member jhansenwrites, creator of #VeryRealisticYA, explores some of the totally unique YA books you’ve probably not come across but really ought to look up…

As this list of 10 YA Books You Should Read That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of demonstrates, YA is a remarkably diverse, rich, and expansive field.


Children who read books to a local barber have received a free haircut as part of a community event in Dubuque to help families prepare for the upcoming school year. Barber Courtney Holmes traded the tales for trims on Saturday during the second annual Back to School Bash in Comiskey Park.

Clean cut, well-read.


The Girl on the Train built up more Want to Read shelvings pre-publication than any other debut novel in Goodreads’ history. It’s been far and away the most searched-for book on Goodreads in 2015, with four times as many searches as the closest contender.

Goodreads pitches in to put the success of The Girl on the Train in perspective.


After accidentally throwing away his wife’s personal copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Brooklyn resident Lenny Lasek is thrilled that the author came to the rescue and replaced the lost book.

Boy did this dude ever get bailed out.

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