Critical Linking: July 14th, 2014

Stick your nose deep into an old book and inhale deeply. It contains, librarians say, “hints of grass and vanilla,” among other smells. The distinctive “old book smell” is so beloved among some readers that there’s a parody company out there pretending to sell an artificial spray that makes e-readers smell like books. What accounts for it? As it turns out, dozens of different chemicals that are emitted by paper, binding, ink, and glue as they break down over time.

The science behind that old book smell is interesting, but pretty unromantic.


The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this week, and judging by the list of nominees, this is going to be a great year for television series based on, or inspired, by books.

Holy moly, the book-to-TV pipeline rivals the book-to-movie pipeline.


This the downside of getting a shoutout from Stephen Colbert.


Mexico’s government has donated more than 1,600 Spanish-language textbooks to the Arizona Department of Corrections. The textbooks will be distributed to ADC prisons statewide to assist inmates who are receiving educational instruction. “A significant portion of our inmates speak Spanish as their primary or only language, and it’s important that they have the resources they need in order to fulfill their responsibility to get an education,” Corrections Director Charles Ryan said.

Well, thanks Mexico (?).

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