Critical Linking: March 28th, 2014


Benedict Cumberbatch has proven he knows how to say words, with breakout performances in Sherlock and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Now, the British actor will get to say the exact words above as he takes the stage at the Barbican Theatre in London as the eponymous character for its production of Hamlet.

Holmes. Kahn. Now Hamlet. Not bad, BC.


A letter from Harper Lee, in which the publicity shy author of To Kill a Mockingbird explains that “I simply don’t give interviews, because it takes great skill to ask meaningful questions and very few people in the media have it”, is set to go up for auction.

Man, I was hoping the Harper Lee estate saga was over. Guess not.


Verso Books announced on Thursday that they are now bundling ebooks and paper books on their website. This publisher has around 350 titles in print, and you can now find those books on the website.

Verso Books has been selling paper books on their website for over a decade (or so the Wayback Machine suggests), and they have been pointing their ebook customers to major ebookstores for nearly as long, but it was only recently that the publisher started selling ebooks direct.

Yes, this please. More of this.


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